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Own   The Next Turnip Superstore 

Become a Turnip

Super markets present a thriving business opportunity today. With increase in focus of local community trade and decline in crowded mega malls/marts the super store concepts have become a preferred and lucrative venture. 


With over 12 years experience in Franchising & Retail, our team at Turnips provide complete end-to-end hand holding with tie ups with more than 200 brands including most industry leaders. Learn more about all the services we provide to set-up a running business for you



About Us
  1. Daily Needs 

  2. High Volume Business

  1. Daily Transactions 

  2. Low Credit

Low  Investment

  1. INR 10-15 lacs Investment

  2. High ROI

Essential Service

  1. High Business Continuity 

  2. Low risk due to essential Items Sale 

Take the right first step!


Let us help you make the right decision in opening a new business and significantly shorten the learning curve. Our team at Eagle Peak Consultancy has over 12 years experience in business development and executions.

We have successfully set up ~200 cafe, shops and kitchens 


Turnip's Superstore makes for a young, vibrant brand targeting the independent, far reaching, achieving and highly efficient youth of today  . A theme with modern elements targeting value and quality conscious customers. 

Our Services

The Group has over 12 years experience in business development and executions.  We have successfully set up ~200 restaurants,cafe, shops and kitchens .  Our end-to-end solutions allow entrepreneurs to set up shop swiftly and significantly shorten the learning curve improving their shot to set up a successful business venture.


With a large team of specialists with a varied area of expertise we have developed capabilities in all aspects of business operations including fabrication, design, supply chain, training, registration, permissions, licenses, legal arrangements, property selection & lease arrangements. 

Property Selection & Lease Negotiations

  1. Property Search and identification

  2. Property analysis and opinion on feasibility 

  3. Property legal requirements verification (optional)

  4. Assistance in negotiation of LOI

  5. Assistance in negotiations of lease agreement terms

  6. Vetting of the agreement

  7. Registration

Design, Layout and Fabrications

  1. Provided by team of architects, graphic designers, civil engineers and Retail Experts.

  2. Logo Designing, Layout Drawing and 3D drawings

  3. Complete Architectural and Technical drawings

  4. Designs of collaterals like packaging materials, Uniforms, posters, standees, pamphlets etc

  5. On site full time fabrication support for 15 days of one Site Supervisor

  6. Assistance in set up and fabrication

  7. Assistance in civil work

  8. Assistance in procurement and installation of all equipment.

Supply Chain & Sourcing

  1. Tie Ups with more than 200 Brands including but not limited to: Nestle, HUL ,P&G , Dabur, Patanjali Amul, Britannia, Pepsi, Mother Dairy, Parle

  2. Complete handholding and consulting in setting up the Retail Outlet

  3. Complete management and operational support for 30 days which includes 15 days on site support by our Supervisor for initial hand holding before launch and 15 days after launch.

  4. Visit and advice from our Retail Experts with more than 20 years of experience with Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. 2 Site Visits, one on launch and another after 10 days by specialized retail expert in addition to dedicated supervisor.

Technical Set Up &
HR Training

  1. HR Support, Team Selection, Recruitment

  2. Training of Manpower

  3. POS and Billing Software

  4. CCTV Cameras & Monitoring Systems

  5. Bar Code Scanners

  6. Tie Ups with all delivery platforms

  7. Tie Ups with different payment solutions

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